Seeking a Health Physicist to Join Our Team

Job Description:  Health Physicist

The Health Physicist will have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of health physics and how they are applied in one or more nuclear industries. The health physicist can evaluate the technical needs for a radiological project, the skills that will be needed for one or more individuals to carryout the project, and understand the information and data needs that must be collected to reach a successful conclusion.  The health physicist can provide a detailed work plan to carry out a project that addresses staffing, training, scheduling, data management, safety and quality.  The health physicist has strong project management skills, and strong computer skills.  The health physicist can work independently and manage a team to achieve project goals.  The health physicist can write clear, concise and accurate reports that can be submitted to clients with minimal editing.  The health physicist can read and understand procedures, manuals and policies needed to implement project plans.  The health physicist is capable of decision-making regarding technical matters and recognizes when reaching out for support from others in the organization is needed.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Performs health physics related assignments requiring general technical skills and knowledge.
  • Participate and/or lead efforts associated with radiological decommissioning activities.
  • Make decisions on instrumentation needed for the specific needs of a project.
  • Performing or directing others for contamination and dose rate surveys on potentially contaminated surfaces, radioactive material or radwaste.
  • Perform general health physics calculations including decay, radiation dose, shielding, counting statistics.
  • Performing inspections and investigations for various types of r-ray machines in various environments to show compliance with state requirements.
  • Assist senior health physicists with the performance of neutron characterization studies.
  • Documenting radiation measurements and x-ray inspections in surveys and TSDs.
  • Perform statistical analysis of data.
  • Write project reports with incorporating measurement data.

Education and Experience Required:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in physical science at a minimum, MS is highly desired. CHP or working towards CHP desired.
  • Minimum 5-10 years of experience.
  • Must pass an FBI background check, if required.

 Required Competencies:

  • Health physics knowledge
  • Generate work of high quality
  • Work in the field
  • Exhibit initiative and resourcefulness
  • Work effectively in a team environment
  • Exercise professionalism
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Understand how to communicate with customers
  • Possess excellent planning/organizational skills
  • Operate safely above all else
  • Integrate procedure & policy compliance into actions as needed
  • Writing skills requiring minimal editing

Skills Required:

  • Effective computer skills; Microsoft Office Software, Adobe/Nitro.
  • Effective communication skills both verbally and in writing with colleagues and individuals inside and outside the Company.
  • Effective analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Effective organization skills including the ability to prioritize and plan work.
  • Must be detail oriented with the ability to multi-task.
  • Considerable physical activity. Requires heavy physical work; heavy lifting, pushing, or pulling required of objects up to 50 pounds.
  • Experience source checking and using survey equipment.
  • Experience conducting contamination, x-ray, and dose rate surveys using radiation detection equipment.

To apply, send your resume to: [email protected]