Radon Testing and Analysis

Accurate Radon in Air Testing Services for Residential and Commercial Real Estate

radon testingAt RSCS, our laboratory uses state-of-the-art radiation detection equipment operated by highly skilled professionals. Strict quality control procedures are adhered to for the detection system operation. Our highly sensitive system allows for accurate measurements down to at least 0.5 pCi/l. Test kits can be picked up at our Seabrook, New Hampshire facility or can be provided through the mail. Our radon in air test kits are competitively priced at $35.00 each which includes the analysis and report.

RSCS is registered with the EPA’s National Radon Measurement Proficiency Program as a Residential Measurement Provider to perform radon testing. However, there may be specific requirements for testing laboratories in your state so checking with your individual state radon office is suggested.