Company Overview

Our Experience

RSCS, Inc. was established in 1989 and is a small business owned and operated by three principals. The company is fully insured and is an equal opportunity employer. Our team of over 250 professionals has experience in virtually all areas of nuclear and radiological operations and decommissioning including nuclear power, industrial, medical, research, instrumentation, calibrations, site characterization, remediation, decontamination and decommissioning. 

Seabrook NH Corporate Offices

Our company supports all phases of the nuclear fuel cycle including operational nuclear plant support, decommissioning, and new-build activities.  Our small licensee support has included decommissioning and operational radiation-related projects at hundreds of university, medical, and industrial sites. Our project management and consulting group of professionals are highly skilled and specialize in planning and solving problems related with complex and high-risk radiological work activities.

Our field professionals are supported by our radiological instrumentation consulting, instrument repair and calibration division which supplies both field survey instrumentation and specialty monitoring equipment to our projects.  The RSCS corporate headquarters in Seabrook, New Hampshire is home to our support offices, our Analytical Laboratory, and our Instrument Calibration and Repair Laboratory.  The RSCS home office staff includes key professionals including administrators, project managers, health physicists, radio-chemists, geologists and laboratory and instrumentation specialists.  The RSCS field support staff includes individuals experienced in decommissioning management, radiation protection, engineering, hydrogeology, industrial safety, and project and cost controls.

At RSCS, we provide full spectrum service assisting our clients with innovative and cost-effective solutions for the licensing, use, and disposition of radioactive materials and radiation generating equipment.  We can provide decommissioning services under client site licenses or operating under our own NH State Decommissioning License 381R.