Radiological Effluents and Environmental Monitoring

Radiological Effluent and Environmental Monitoring Programs (REMP)

At RSCS, we know that the effective monitoring of effluents and the environment is important to demonstrate facilities are operating safely.  Our staff includes trained environmental and soil scientists, hydro geologists, and geo chemists  who are skilled in state-of-the-art techniques relating to measuring and characterizing  radioactivity in liquid and airborne effluents, soils, subsurface structures and groundwater.  We specialize in:

  • Stack Assessments
  • Effluent Instrumentation
  • Leak Detection
  • Groundwater and Subsurface Characterization
  • Monitoring Well Design and Installation
  • Numerical Groundwater Modeling
  • Management of Site Groundwater Monitoring Programs

Our employees utilize state-of-the art techniques and methods in our assessments including the use of robotics, remote real-time sensors and data loggers,  and deployment of advanced technologies such as tritium soil vapor extraction systems.