Instrument Calibration

ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited Radiological Instrument Calibration Services

At RSCS, we calibrate survey meters and dosimeters in fields ranging from 100 µR/hr to over 10,000 R/hr using NIST-traceable Cs-137 sources.  In addition, we perform calibrations for neutron detectors using a fully characterized Pu:Be source.  Our contamination monitoring equipment calibrations include two complementary detector efficiencies using NIST-traceable radioisotopes commonly used in industrial, medical, and research applications. We are licensed to perform calibrations on instruments with fixed and loose contamination (see Contaminated Instruments Requirements below).  Additional calibration capabilities include scalers, high and low volume air samplers, and lapel air samplers.

Before shipping us, your instruments, be sure to download, complete and include our RSCS incoming shipping document with your instruments. 

For expedited calibrations, be sure to contact the lab manager for approval and fill out our RSCS Expedited Calibration Request Form. Include this with the shipment.

calibration rangeFor calibrations of instruments with fixed or loose contamination, please review the RSCS Contaminated Instrument Requirements.  Be sure to contact the lab manager prior to shipment with the tracking number.

Instrument receipt, inspection, calibration, and return shipment is normally completed within 10 business days.  Expedited same-day and next-day services are also available upon request.  Calibration certificates are issued with each instrument, listing as-found and as-left data, with indications of any out-of-tolerance conditions.  Our custom instrument calibration tracking database logs all calibration history data and provides automatic calibration-due reminders to customers.

Services offered include:

  • Expanded calibration range: measurements from 100 µR/hr to over 10,000 R/hr
  • Standard calibrations: survey meters, electronic dosimeters, self-reading dosimeters, and contamination meters are calibrated to within +/- 10% and neutron meters to within +/- 20%
  • Customized calibrations: contamination monitors adjusted to customer specifications
  • Complementary efficiencies: 2 efficiencies per calibration
  • Detector Optimizations: High voltage Plateau and E2/B testing
  • Air sampler and lapel calibrations
  • Calibration and Repair of Air Sampling Equipment including the RADeCO (H-810, H-809s, and HD-28s) and the Eberline AMS-4.
  • Calibrations of instruments with fixed and loose contamination (see Contaminated Instruments Requirements above)
  • Thorough documentation: all instrument data detailed in calibration reports
  • Easy access to calibration data via phone or email request
  • Reminder letters: customer notification of upcoming calibration expirations
  • Calibration source characterization

Our service benefits include:

  • Fast turn-around – Most instruments are calibrated within 10 days
  • Competitive pricing – Most calibration prices are comparable to others in the industry
  • High volume – Thousands of instruments processed annually
  • Established reputation – 25 years of experience in instrumentation services