Installed Equipment

High Performance Portal Monitors, Area Monitors, Stack Monitors, Criticality Monitors and Air Sampling and Detection Devices for Radiation Dose and Dose Rate Measurements

At RSCS, we offer, install, and service onsite radiation detection equipment for customers in the nuclear utility, medical, and industrial markets.  We specialize in the sales and support of commercial off-the-shelf and custom detection solutions, including portal monitors, area monitors, stack monitors, criticality monitors and air sampling and detection devices.  Solutions include stand alone systems and integrated systems that interface with existing site networked infrastructure. We work with several original equipment manufacturers, and can design any system to suite the needs of the client and the requirements of the regulators.  Our expertise includes design and installations of simple monitoring systems for R&D applications, intermediate designs for PET production facilities and research reactors, or calibration of complex systems at commercial nuclear power plants. 

Example projects:

Effluent Monitoring System Installation at Research Reactor

Area Monitoring System Installation at Research Reactor

Effluent Monitoring System Installation at PET Facility