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Over 200 Years of Combined Experience

The RSCS company Directors and their professional staff have over 200 years of combined experience along with advanced Health Physics degrees and professional credentials including comprehensive certifications from the American Board of Health Physics. Our team of Certified Health Physicists and Project Managers and radiation safety specialists have diverse expertise and experience in various aspects of Health Physics and Radiation Protection. In business for over 30 years, our team has the experience, expertise and reputation that you can rely on to support your radiological operations.

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Mr. Darois has 38 years of experience and has held various technical and managerial positions in nuclear power facilities, decommissioning sites, and environmental laboratories. He has an M.S. and B.S. in Radiological Sciences and Protection and is certified by the American Board of Health Physics. Mr. Darois’ technical specialties include alpha contamination controls, internal and external dosimetry assessments, facility characterization, source calibrations, decommissioning cost estimation, and contaminated groundwater management. Mr. Darois has authored many professional papers and presentations and was a key author on several EPRI Guideline documents.  He is currently a member of ANSI N13.1 committee, Guide to Sampling Airborne Radioactive Materials in Stacks and Ducts.

Mr. Darois provides executive oversight of our quality and technical programs. He also directs many large projects involving complex calculations, radiation exposures, and regulatory compliance, for both US and international clients.

Mr. Tarzia has 34 years of experience and has held various technical and managerial positions in research reactors, nuclear power facilities, and decommissioning sites. He has an M.S. and B.S. in Radiological Sciences and Protection, an M.B.A, is certified by the American Board of Health Physics and has previously held a Sr. Reactor Operator’s license.  Mr. Tarzia’s technical specialties include reactor operations, decommissioning, internal and external dosimetry, and operational health physics.  Mr. Tarzia has authored many professional papers and resides on several committees.  He is the current Assistant Chairman of the ABHP Part I Panel and Chairman of the New Hampshire State Radiation Advisory Committee. 

Mr. Tarzia provides executive oversight of our financial and business systems and our international operations. He also directs many large projects involving decommissioning, reactors, and regulatory compliance.

Mr. Krueger has most recently worked for the NeuroLogica Corporation located in Danvers, MA since 2011.  He has been their Quality Manager since 2015, prior to this he was the Sr. Regulatory/Quality Assurance Engineer. NeuroLogica, is the healthcare subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., has advanced medical technologies that are used world wide for Samsung digital radiography and ultrasound systems  

Mr. Krueger oversees the corporate Quality Assurance Program and handles all regulatory activities related to radioactive materials licensing and security.

Mrs. Ouellette has 30 years of experience working as a HR Professional.  She is a certified HR Professional, holding a Human Resource Certification Institute PHR certification as well as the Society for Human Resource Management SHRM-CP certification, demonstrating mastery in the Human Resource field. Raelene is a long-standing member of the Society for Human Resource Management and the Seacoast Human Resources Association, and is a certified Mental Health First Aider. 

As the Director of Human Resources, Mrs. Ouellette will be supporting the efforts to streamline and further develop our human resource systems and improving processes within the HR department.

Mr. Erskine has over 41 years of experience in the commercial nuclear power industry as a Staff Augmentation Specialist with an emphasis in contract personnel management support as a senior manager and chief executive.  His is overall responsible for RSCS Staffing Services. He was responsible for the creation and management of several manpower providers including Nuclear Support Services, Numanco and DZ Atlantic. 

He has a BS in Nuclear Engineering and an MBA.  He has been directly involved in the staffing of over 350 outages at nearly all the operating and decommissioned US Nuclear Power Stations.

Mr. Thurlow has 36 years of experience and has held various technical and leadership positions in nuclear power facilities, including Radiation Protection Manager, Fleet Radiation Protection and Chemistry Manager, Maintenance Director, and Nuclear Oversight Manager. Mr. Thurlow also served as an officer in the Unites States Air Force where he was the officer in charge of word-wide radiological response and consultation for the Air Force.   He has an M.S. and B.S. in Radiological Sciences and Protection and is certified by the American Board of Health Physics.  Mr. Thurlow has served as the President of the Health Physics Society Power Reactor Section and has been a contributor and principle investigator for various EPRI Guideline documents.    Mr., Thurlow’s specialties include operational radiation protection, internal and external dosimetry assessments, leadership development, emergency response, industrial safety and human performance.

As the Director of Operations, Mr. Thurlow oversee our Projects Group and Instrumentation Divisions, and provide managerial support to our corporate operations.

Mr. Darois started his career in the nuclear power industry in 2002 working at the Connecticut Yankee Decommissioning project where he functioned as the Groundwater Operations Supervisor until 2007.  During this time Mr. Darois also supported the Yankee Rowe Decommissioning Project as a part time field geologist and groundwater monitoring support staff.  During his time at these decommissioning projects he participated in several radiological and non-radiological soil and groundwater investigations and remediation projects.  His responsibilities as groundwater operations supervisor included soil and bedrock boring and well design and implementation, as well as oversight, site dewatering support and coordination with Final Status Survey and D&D groups. Mr. Darois has a BS in Environmental Science with a focus on Soil Science from the University of New Hampshire.  

Joining RSCS as a Project Manager and Environmental Scientist in 2007, Mr. Darois specializes in running a broad range of environmental, radiological and geotechnical projects, and supports our nuclear power clients with the implementation of the NEI 07-07 groundwater protection initiative and the NEI 09-14 buried pipe inspection initiative.    

Mrs. Anderson has dedicated nearly 4 decades to the nuclear power industry in the areas of radiation protection, emergency preparedness, regulatory affairs, nuclear oversight and security. Mrs. Anderson held numerous nuclear industry positions, including Radiation Protection Manager, Fleet Radiation Protection Manager, Regulatory Affairs Manager, Quality Assurance Manager and Emergency Preparedness Manager.

For the past decade, Mrs. Anderson has been the Director of Radiation Safety and International Liaison for the Nuclear Energy Institute’s (NEI) where she provided regulatory and applied health physics/radiation protection expertise in the areas of occupational and public radiation safety to member utilities, industry organizations, including EPRI, INPO, ANI, and international radiological protection organizations. At NEI, she led their Radiation Safety Task Force, and participated on the former Delivering the Nuclear Promise RP team.

As the Director of Radiological Services, Mrs. Anderson supports strategic planning initiatives and business development for our Project Services divisions serving the nuclear power industry.

Mr. Nydam has 30 years of experience including in business finance and management, including 3 years as CFO at Helfrich Brothers Boiler Works and 13 years with Covanta in leadership positions within finance, energy and asset management for several business units.  He began his career in the natural gas transmission industry working in finance, internal audit and business development.  My Nydam has an MBA in Finance from Pace University and a BS in accounting from University of Massachusetts in Amherst. 

As the  RSCS CFO, Mr. Nydam leads all financial planning and risk management functions for the company including accounting, P&L forecasting, financing, HR and management of the ERP system. 

Mr. Nester has over 35 years’ experience in business management in manufacturing, and service industries. He has extensive experience in product/application engineering and project management and has held management positions in several large textile manufacturing and service companies. He also held the position of International Sales Director for a major controls system integrator.  Mr. Nester has a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Mr. Nester directs the activities of our project sales division which distributes commercial radiation detection and training equipment.  He also leads the commercialization of the RSCS SIM-Teq line of training simulators manufactured by RSCS. 

Mr. Nelson has previously taken over the position as our new laboratory manager!  Mr. Nelson has 11 years experience working in our laboratory as our calibration technician. 

As the Calibration and Repair Laboratory Manager, Mr. Nelson supervises our technicians and manages all laboratory operations.  The RSCS Calibration and Repair Laboratory services over 10,000 portable radiological instruments annually and performs analytical services for leak testing.  

Heather has eighteen plus years of professional experience in nuclear radiochemistry, health physics, radiation protection and the manager of the radiological environmental program.  She is a Certified Health Physicist and Certified Safety Professional.  Currently, she is the Manager of Technical Services for RSCS and is responsible for directing various health physics projects for a number of clients.   Heather was selected as Department of Energy Patricia Robert Harris Fellow, recipient of Duke Energy Ruth B. Shaw Award, and NEI Top Industry Performance Finalist.   Patent “Radioactive Decay Cube Lab Activity” available for purchase from Science Kit & Boreal Laboratories. 

In addition to working in the nuclear utility industry she served as the nuclear industry Chairperson for the NEI Radiological Effluent and Environmental Committee (2016-2019), NEI Radiological Effluent and Environmental Steering Team member (2012-2016, 2022), NEI 07-07 Groundwater Protection Program Auditor (2016-2017), Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) Workshops Session Chair (2010-2019), and in an American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Low Level Waste Committee member.

Mr. Rollins has managed all R&D and manufacturing initiatives to develop and manufacture the SIM-Teq product line of radiation simulator training devices since 2012.  In this capacity he has led all R&D efforts to bring the best available state-of-the-art designs to the final builds of our standard product line.  Mr. Rollins’ engineering team are continually developing new models of instruments to support the expansion of this training simulator system. 

In addition, Mr. Rollins has led the effort to develop the next generation of the SCM, which has improved the detection and operation of this survey system, benefitting our clients who need sensitive and accurate measurements for initial characterization and final status surveys at D&D sites.

Mr. Holden-Remick is an experienced Engineer and GIS Analyst with 18 years’ experience working for leading engineering and environmental consultants; Energy utilities, water utilities, state level government, and federal departments. He has a strong background in nuclear decommissioning, operations, management, buried pipe, and asset management/strategic cost forecasting, and risk modelling. Jon is also experienced with data analysis including the use of GIS and water network modelling software packages including MapInfo, ArcGIS, AutoCAD and InfoWorks CS.

Jonathan has worked on a wide range of, project utilizing a range of data sources. He has also completed a number of secondments totaling 2.5 years to the Environment Agency’s (EA) Flood Incident Management (FIM)Team, and Mechanical, Electrical Instrument Control & Analysis (MEICA) Team.

Jonathan is currently the Engineering Operations Manager for the Environmental & Engineering Support Team at Radiation Safety and Control Services. His team supports a wide range of environmental projects for both operating nuclear power plants, and decommissioning projects.

Mr. Downey holds a Masters of Science in Radiological Health from the University of Michigan and is a Certified Health Physicist, Comprehensive Practice. Mr. Downey  brings over 24 years of experience in the operation and management of health physics, radiation protection and decommissioning programs to meet NRC, CERCLA and state regulations and guidance.  Mr. Downey’s primary areas of expertise include the investigation, assessment, design, remediation and final status surveys for decommissioning of radioactive sites.  

As a Corporate Health Physicist, Mr. Downey provides technical leadership in the areas of MARSSIM survey design, RESRAD dose assessment, gamma spectroscopy and waste disposal.  In addition, Mr. Downey has specialized skills in developing decommissioning plans to terminate NRC licenses including decommissioning funding plans, cost estimates, site assessments and cleanup criteria.  

Ms. Inman is responsible for customer and employee communications, access authorization issues including PHQ review and Nantel training as well as corporate staffing policies and procedures.  She will serve as the daily primary point of contact for any SRR/LW contract questions. 

For over 22 years she had been a senior manager for Numanco, Shaw, DZ Atlantic and BHI.  While in these positions she had direct responsibility for the staffing and access authorization programs at these companies and routinely supported over 800 employee placements per outage season.

Ms. Inman works from the RSCS Tulsa office and is responsible for recruiting all technical personnel that RSCS employs at its commercial and decommissioning sites.  She will serve as the primary recruiter for any resulting SRR/LW contract.

Ms. Inman has been in the nuclear industry for over 20 years and has in depth knowledge of the available technical and professional workforce.  She manages the RSCS database of personnel, resume generation and outage reporting activities.  RSCS has consistently staffed 99% of all customer requests for personnel.

Mr. Titolo has over 35 years of experience and has held various technical, managerial and executive level positions at nuclear facilities and in private industry.  Mr. Titolo has both a B.S. and M.S. in Health Physics from Georgia Tech, and was awarded an academic fellowship by INPO while attending graduate school.  Prior to joining RSCS, Mr. Titolo was President of Millennium Services for 18 years.  His background includes RP program development and implementation, project management, program assessments, and the design and execution of radiological surveys.  He was also certified as a BWR Sr. Reactor Operator.  Mr. Titolo has extensive executive level experience in business development, strategic planning, management, and performance optimization.  

Mr. Titolo assists the Executive Directors in the development and execution of strategic plans and in client relations.  He promotes and develops business opportunities, and supports the Radiological Services Division by assisting in technical oversight and client support.

Mr. Wood has over 30 years of experience in providing project management controls in nuclear power production and generation, commercial construction, and the project management field.  He has an extensive nuclear project background and proven cost control and scheduling expertise to improve organizational efficiency and effectively manage project controls organizations.  Mr. Wood also has broad experience in major projects, decommissioning, regulatory recoveries, engineering schedule development, implementation, and management. 

Mr. Wood is responsible for developing business opportunities for turnkey project management projects within RSCS Staffing Services.

Mr. Labrecque has over 40 years of Financial and Operational experience working in both service and manufacturing type organizations.  His most recent position was CEO with a manufacturer of Radionuclide Identification and Detection systems where he was also the RSO.  Mr. Labrecque has a B.S.B.A in Accounting, an M.B.A in Finance, and has held various Executive Financial and Controllership positions throughout his career.

Mr. Labrecque provides oversight of all corporate financial matters and is a key contributor to the strategic direction of the corporation.

Mr. Leddy has more than 35 years of experience developing, implementing, and managing Radiation Protection programs.  He has an A.A.S. degree in Nuclear Medicine Technology, a B.S. in Radiological and Health Sciences, and a M.S. in Health Physics.  He has functioned as the Radiation Protection Manager for a two unit BWR, during the decommissioning of a commercial (PWR) nuclear facility, and Radiation Safety Officer during the decommissioning of two Uranium fuel fabrication facilities.  His technical areas of expertise include radiological operations, radiological engineering/ALARA, emergency planning, and decommissioning/license termination.

As Senior Project Manager, Mr. Leddy provides leadership and direction regarding the planning and execution of multiple projects within all sectors of the nuclear industry.

Mr. Cox has significant experience in Health Physics, Radioactive Waste, Decommissioning, Radiological Engineering and Project Management Activities.  He has extensive knowledge of radiation detection, solid radioactive waste, minimization, characterization, packaging and handling.

Mr. Cox is currently the Technical Services Manager out of the Seabrook NH office supporting projects in-house and abroad. In addition, his projects include neutron dosimetry calibration, radioactive materials licensing, prototype testing, waste characterization, and specialty measurements and calibrations.

Mr. Farr has over 40 years of experience in Radiation Protection at commercial nuclear power as well as at government, industrial, and medical radiological facilities.  He has a B.S. in Biological Science which includes a minor in Chemistry.  Mr. Farr’s specialties include Health Physics program development, implementation and management.  Specific technical areas of expertise include radiological high-risk work planning, design basis calculations, environmental health physics, internal and external dosimetry, waste characterization and classification, and decommissioning.

Mr. Farr provides oversight, project management, and technical support to key RSCS projects including those requiring high-risk management and complex solution planning.

Mr. Hollenbeck is an ABHP-certified Health Physics professional with over 40 years of experience in various technical and managerial positions in both nuclear power facilities and decommissioning sites.  He has a B.S. degree in Radiological Health Physics. His specific technical areas of expertise include site characterization, final status surveys, instrumentation and decommissioning planning.

Mr. Hollenbeck currently provides technical support to both national and international decommissioning projects.

Mr. Gallagher has almost 40 years of Commercial Nuclear Radiochemistry and Nuclear Training Experience.  

His role as Training Manager will ensure both employee development and skills needed at our many Site Projects are maintained.