Program Development and Assessment

Program Development and Assessment

Radioactive Materials Licensees all share similar regulatory restrictions for the control and accountability of their materials.  However to meet the specific regulatory and safety requirements related to the materials on their licenses, sites often benefit from independent program development and assessment to address their unique concerns. 

RSCS specializes in assisting small and broad scope licensees, including nuclear power plants, government agencies, industrial sites, hospitals, universities and research institutions. Services include staff support, facility and personnel monitoring, environmental sampling and monitoring, and annual audits to satisfy 10 CFR 20 requirements. 

Program Development

Our skilled technical writers are proficient in the development and modification of radiation protection programs to ensure they are written effectively and meet current technical and regulatory standards.  Our staff can assist in providing entire radiation protection programs or writing procedures for specific work processes.  Programs developed for our clients have been rigorously audited and proven to comply with NRC and State regulations for the control of radioactive materials. 


Services include staff support to assess and evaluate radiation protection program satisfy 10 CFR 20, 10CFR 835, and the DOE Radiological Control Manual requirements. We can assist in providing quality audits and assessments to demonstrate compliance with NRC, Agreement State, EPA,  and other regulations.  Our team specializes in program support, including audits of Health Physics and Material Control & Accountability Programs. 

Program Assessments

We have extensive experience in the evaluation and development of alpha contamination control programs at nuclear power plants.  RSCS served as the Principal Investigator in the development of EPRI Technical Report 1003126, “Program Considerations for Addressing Alpha Emitting Radionuclides at Nuclear Power Plants” (November 2001) and RSCS served as an author in the development of EPRI Technical Report 1013509, “EPRI Alpha Monitoring Guidelines for Operating Nuclear Power Stations” (November 2006).