Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation and ISFSI Support

Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation and ISFSI Support Services

RSCS, our team has extensive experience providing support for the handling and movement of spent nuclear fuel at operating reactors and with the planning, design, and implementation of storage systems for spent nuclear fuel.  Our company has had direct involvement with the planning, licensing, and implementation of three large commercial nuclear plant Independent Spent Fuel Storage Facilities (ISFSIs).  Our involvement has extended to storage design and process licensing input into the ISFSI Final Safety Analysis Report, support in the handling and movement of used fuel during the loading process, and quality assurance of the final facility.


RSCS provides for gamma and neutron environmental surveys around ISFSI sites to establish conformance with 40CFR190 dose limits.  These measurements incorporate a combination of our High Pressure Ionization Chamber, In-situ Object Counting System (columnated High-Purity Germanium System) for direct and skyshine exposure rate quantification, and our neutron environmental Tissue Equivalent Proportional Counter (TEPC) systems.

Since 2005, RSCS has been responsible for managing the Connecticut Yankee, Maine Yankee , and Yankee Rowe ISFSIs Radiation Controls Program.  RSCS supplies all resources including supervision, administration, labor, and equipment required to implement the program. Administrative responsibilities included maintenance of all implementing procedures, training programs, and the generation of all required regulatory and QA reports, including annual REIRS submissions to the NRC. For physical work at the facility, RSCS provides labor and supervision necessary to ensure all requirements of the Radiological Controls Program and are implemented. This includes individuals who prepare Work Plans, Radiation Work Permits, perform radiological surveys, and facility assessments.