Radiological Professional and Project Management Services for Operating and Decommissioning Nuclear Power Sites

Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant - RSCSRSCS has over 20 years experience supporting all aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle including uranium enrichment, new-build activities, operations, and decommissioning. Whether you are in need of routine support or specialty project services, we have the resources and experience to craft efficient and cost-effective solutions to meet your needs. 

Our nuclear site services range from small turn-key projects to large-scale staffing support. We have significant professional experience in nuclear power  decommissioning, hazardous and radiological waste disposal, remediation, site cleanup/remediation, license termination, site closure, and property transfer.  Our staff have been recruited to serve on many interdisciplinary, commercial and utility Decommissioning Nuclear Safety Review Boards (DNSRB’s) to ensure safe, environmentally responsible and effective D&D activities are conducted at active decommissioning sites through out the USA and abroad.

Services offered to the nuclear industry include: