License Termination

Facility Characterization, Site Closure & License Termination

Closing a Facility or terminating a radioactive materials license involves several regulatory actions and can be challenging depending on the scope of activities performed at the licensed location.  RSCS is experienced in designing and implementing characterization and final status survey plans using the guidance provided by the Multi-Agency Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Manual (MARSSIM). Our survey plans integrate CAD, Visual Sample Plan (VSP), voxel and interpolation computer applications to accurately map and locate areas of concern in 2D and 3D, generate survey reports, and demonstrate closure requirements. Whether your facility requires interior, exterior or subsurface characterization, remediation or verification, RSCS has the experience and knowhow to ensure that you facility meets license termination requirements.

RSCS conducts Historical Site Assessments that are used to support the development of License Termination Plans (LTP) that are submitted to regulators for approval prior to implementing a site decommissioning plan. This documentation is instrumental for developing all initial scoping surveys and deriving the site’s derived concentration guideline levels, or DCGLs for each radionuclide that may be present. Once approved by the regulator, the LTP becomes the guidance document for the entire decommissioning project. The LTP specifies all decommissioning activities, from initial characterization surveys, to D&D activities, to waste disposal and final status surveys to release the site.