Decommissioning Cost Estimation Software

DeCAT Pro (Decommissioning Cost Analysis Tool)

DeCAT-Pro allows users to easily evaluate the cost implications of various decommissioning options and to update these costs as facilities and equipment are removed or added to a site, and as waste disposal costs, labor rates and strategies change. This program provides detailed reporting for decommissioning funding requirements as well as providing detail project schedules, cash-flow projections, staffing levels, and waste volumes by waste classifications and types.


Use DeCAT to perform the following:

  • Work Sequencing
  • Plant Inventory Management
  • Waste and Disposal Cost Management
  • Easy input of waste types, containers, disposal sites, reclamation costs, treatment options and disposal costs
  • Staffing and Other Costs
  • Currency Conversions
  • Application of Multiple Cost Contingencies by line item
  • Multiple Output Reports
  • Data Export Capabilities

Manage multiple cost estimation projects by developing baseline scenarios from which data can be shared using a powerful file-sharing utility. DeCAT-Pro employs the consistent methodologies used to estimate decommissioning costs. Once cost estimates parameters are developed, they can be easily updated and maintained throughout the operating life of a facility.

Example Decat Reports: