Project Management

Radiological Project Management Services

Our highly competent team of project managers and engineers are skilled at planning and executing nuclear and radiological work.  We specialize in solving unique problems which arise from high-risk radiological tasks to ensure that work is performed safely and effectively.

Through our Project Services Division, we provide project management, technical, and specialty services to our clients.   Services provided by our management and technical teams span the full cycle of business operations including facility design and licensing, routine operation support, specialty project support, and decommissioning. The RSCS team of professionals has many years of experience and is well respected in their areas of expertise as evidenced by numerous publications and professional presentations in a wide range of technical and managerial topics. RSCS has worked with several governmental agencies in solving regulatory issues for our clients. In short, the RSCS team is known for quality services with technical accuracy and good value.

Our technical team has extensive experience working at over 40 nuclear plant sites, worldwide and hundreds of industrial, research, and medical companies who use radiological material.  We understand that safety is the number one priority and understand the significance of Conduct of Operations, ALARA, Industrial Safety, Regulatory Compliance Requirements, Environmental Requirements and Community Relations.  We maintain our own offsite radioactive material license which includes comprehensive set of our own radiological work procedures, which, if necessary, can be customize to client sites for performance of decontamination and other work activities at offsite locations. 

We have leveraged our operational and decommissioning experience to develop efficient and effective approaches to planning the remediation of high-risk radiological work.  These processes minimize manpower The RSCS technical staff includes ABHP Certified Health Physicists, former Radiation Protection Managers and numerous professional and technical experts in a variety of fields including Radiation Protection, Effluents and Environmental Assessments, ALARA, Hydrogeology, Geology, Soil Science, Waste and Site Characterization, Project Management, Decommissioning, Licensing, Final Status Surveys and RENT/REMP activities.

We plan projects with a “risk-based” approach and develop subject-matter experts and teams to oversee projects of similar hazardous and radiological constituents and controls.  This “tiger-team” approach minimizes manpower by scheduling and planning high-risk work according to skill-sets and removal techniques rather than by area.  We also ensure that the planning process is an integrated approach which includes all of the key radiological and non-radiological requirements to perform the work right the first time.  This ensures a high level of schedule adherence and will minimize cost due to minimization of starts, stops, and hold-points.  It also ensures that data gathered during remediation activities and remediation tasks are adequate to satisfy all requirements to ensure material removed and disposed of properly.