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Ellen Anderson Appointed to HPS Power Reactor Section Board

Ellen Anderson - RSCSRSCS Director of Radiological Services, Ellen Anderson, was recently appointed to the board of the Power Reactor Section (PRS) of the Health Physics Society. This appointment recognizes Ellen’s extensive experience with the nuclear power industry in the areas of radiation protection, emergency preparedness, regulatory affairs, nuclear oversight and security, including a ten-year tenure as the Director of Radiation Safety and International Liaison for the Nuclear Energy Institute’s (NEI).

The PRS was formed in 1982 with the goal of exchanging technical, regulatory, and business practice information amongst professionals in the nuclear power industry. Over the years, the mission of the board has expanded to include outreach and educational materials on radiation science and nuclear plant electric power generation for educators. In addition, the section provides scholarships to students pursuing two and four-year degrees in radiation science.

Congratulations Ellen on this appointment to the board of the Power Reactor Section!