Simulation Control Center (SCC) software application for any tablet or PC. Provides wireless control, configuration, and remote viewing of all connected SIM-Teq training products (Dongle required). Direct or group control of one or more training instruments to configure or control all instrument specific features. Up to 32 devices connected at one time per SCC. SIM-Teq product firmware are updated via SCC. The SCC application is free with the purchase of any SIM-Teq device.

Centralized Management for all SIM-Teq Devices

SCC is the hub of the SIM-Teq system. The application provides users with a single point of interaction with all SIM-Teq devices. Using SCC users can:

  • Connect to and control either a single SIM-Teq device or large groups of devices
  • Create or change individual device configurations
  • Create or change custom reusable configurations based on instrument type and training scenario requirements
  • Create device kits
  • Remotely monitor or control all SIM-Teq instruments

Device Configurations

If a standard instrument type allows configuration changes, the SIM-Teq equivalent supports all of the relevant settings. The instrument-specific configuration page is a simple and intuitive interface which allows trainers to configure instruments for their specific use case.



SCC Dongle

The SCC dongle is a custom USB device that acts as a communication link between the various SIM-Teq devices and a Windows 10 PC or Tablet.