RSCS Deploys Wide Application Robotics Platform – WARP – for Remote Measurement Applications

WARP -  RSCSRSCS has developed a Wide Application Robotics Platform – WARP – to support remote measurement applications. This platform is based upon a robot design manufactured by RADeCO, and offers several advantages for remote survey applications. Features include a small footprint of 20″x 17″x 17″, a carryload of 20 lbs, easily removed tires for contamination control, 4 hour runtime batteries that can be swapped out in the field, onboard lighting in all directions, front and rear cameras and an open air range of 200 meters plus for data transfer. WARP has the ability to carry a payload of detectors and access confined spaces with ease through remote wireless operation.

Initially, RSCS will deploy WARP configured with ISOCS detectors, low and high dose Radeye detectors, GPS modules for gamma walkovers, air sampling equipment and smear collection magazines. We envision expanding the capabilities of WARP by incorporating gamma spectroscopy detectors including CZT and mini HPGe, gamma cameras, Lidar survey equipment and thermal imaging technology.

RSCS has embraced cutting edge robotics technology for complex decommissioning work for decades. This new WARP system will expand our field technician’s ability to perform accurate surveys in high radiation areas efficiently and safely.