RSCS Exhibits at the Nuclear Decommissioning & Used Fuel Strategy Summit, Charlotte NC

Eric Darois and Jay Tarzia exhibited this past week at the Nuclear Decommissioning and Used Fuel Strategy Summit in Charlotte NC.  This industry forum brought together professionals from the nuclear power industry as they work to address complex decommissioning projects at several sites in the process of being placed into SafStor or undergoing full decon. 

RSCS enjoyed participating in this meeting as were able to share best practices and lessons learned over the past 20 years while decommissioning several sites.  Currently, as a contractor working on the SONGS decommissioning project, RSCS discussed with our colleagues the current status of the site and how it has progressed.  While working as a member of the SONGS decommissioning advisory services team, we have provided technical consulting in the areas of end-state planning, 3D site modeling, groundwater support, and other major preparatory areas including an advanced risk management system for the site to manage schedule risks for decommissioning.  We also were able to discuss our work decommissioning and providing waste management consultancy services at several UK sites that are part of the Magnox South complex.

RSCS has extensive experience in decommissioning nuclear power plants, at all stages, including providing decommissioning cost estimates, conducting HSAs, developing ODCMs, providing full radiological support for decommissioning efforts, performing final status surveys and developing license termination plans.  As several end of life sites are now in shutdown are moving towards decommissioning, we are ready to share our expertise to ensure that these complex projects are planned and managed safety while ensuring that radiological operations are conducted efficiently and cost effectively.