RSCS Exhibits at the Mirion Connect 2018 User’s Conference, Bonita Spring FL, August 6-10, 2018

GMP-25TD - RSCSRSCS will exhibit at the Mirion Connect 2018 Users’ Conference in Bonita Springs FL from August 6-10, where we will demonstrate our SIM-Teq training simulator product line.  Several new models will be available for demonstration, including the RDS-31TD and the TelepoleTD.  These latest models to be added to the SIM-Teq product line, which includes other model survey meters and dosimeters, are built with OEM hardware, providing the functionality of the real radiation survey instruments as they detect and respond to our simulated TWR “live” sources of radiation. 

SIM-Teq is a wireless interconnected system composed of a variety of simulated radiation detection instruments, simulated gamma/beta sources, and support hardware all controlled and configured using a simple, intuitive Simulation Control Center (SCC) software application running on any Windows 10 based PC or tablet. Through an innovative mix of manual and automatic control capability, the SIM-Teq system enables training instructors to create a realistic training environment which includes high fidelity simulated instruments and “live” detectable sources. This unique combination of capabilities allows the instructor the freedom to teach, observe, and assess trainees while retaining the ability to remotely manage or control any SIM-Teq device using the SCC at any time.