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RSCS Staff Receives the ANL Board of Governors James B. Porter, Jr. Team Award for Outstanding Safety Performance

Building 350 - RSCSRSCS is proud to announce that our staff member, Michael Grimes, was awarded the Argonne National Laboratory Board of Governor’s James B. Porter, Jr. Team Award for Outstanding Safety Performance. This award is given annually to recognize a team of laboratory employees who promote and demonstrate the principles of integrated safety management. Michael’s team is recognized for contributing to the creation and sustenance of a positive safety culture and a commitment to excellence in workplace safety.

Our staff have been working for several years at the Argonne National Laboratory to support the Building 350 Legacy Project. Building 350 was commissioned in 1959 to fabricate plutonium fuels. At the time the building was dedicated, it was one of the worlds largest and most advanced facilities which produced fast-reactor fuel elements and fuel plates for fast reactor core configuration proof of concept designs, including the ZPR-6 and ZPR-9 assemblies. The laboratory was closed down in 1973, and was decommissioned between 1978-1983. The Building 350 Legacy Project is now focused on recycling thousands of Certified Reference Materials for use at other DOE facilities, and preparing the structure for reuse as a radiological facility.

We are glad to recognize Michael Grimes for this prestigious award. His performance reflects our core commitment to work place safety while conducting radiological consulting and project management services for our clients. Congratulations Michael!