SIM-Teq Products Revolutionizing NATO Training Exercises

During a NATO Clean Care training exercise, SIM-Teq products were again utilized to train military and civilian first responders. The Clean Care exercise focuses specifically on chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear threats. After successfully supporting Clean Care 2022 (CC22) in Tisa, Czech Republic, SIM-Teq radiation training equipment was used for a second time in the radiological simulation scenarios at Clean Care 2024 (CC24).

US Soldiers decontaminating a simulated radiation-contaminated casualty with SIM-Teq products during NATO exercise Clean Care and Vigorous Warrior 2024 in Hungary

Held in early June in Bakonykúti, Hungary, CC24 was hosted by the Hungarian Defense Forces and conducted alongside the Vigorous Warrior exercise, the largest dedicated multinational exercise in NATO, organized bi-annually by the NATO Centre of Excellence for Military Medicine (NATO MILMED COE). Under NATO’s auspices, these exercises address key military-medical issues in a multinational context. Dozens of medical units and treatment facilities were deployed, managing hundreds of simulated casualties per day to train to provide medical support during a “NATO Article V” operation.

SIM-Teq allows the military and first responders to practice radiation response procedures using actual radiation detection devices that respond to simulated radioactive sources, eliminating the risk of radiation exposure, as well as the transporting and potential loss of real radioactive sources. Without radiation simulators, safely and realistically simulating contamination is impossible. The SIM-Teq system operates automatically, allowing the trainer to lead the exercise without managing a remote control. Trainers can also simulate all the functions and alarms of OEM equipment—a unique feature of SIM-Teq products.

We look forward to enhancing the training capabilities of NATO and partner nations in future radiological response exercises.

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