New Course Alert: Final Status Survey (FSS) Academy 2024

Get ready to perfect your FSS skills because a brand-new course is being offered at Radiation Safety & Control Services. ‘FSS Academy,’ the brainchild of industry experts and educators, Radiation Safety & Control Services, is set to become your ultimate source of hands-on experience and skill development.

As project managers, you are fully aware of the difficulty in finding, hiring, and retaining engineers and technicians with actual FSS experience. This trend will likely continue. Therefore, the FSS Academy can reinforce your FSS personnel requirements by training your select group of employees to effectively perform FSS quality surveys.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or someone new to FSS, this course has something for everyone. Here’s a sneak peek into what ‘FSS Academy’ is all about:

  • MARSSIM Basis Fundamentals
  • Classroom and hands-on field training relative to industry standard FSS survey instrumentation.
  • Hands-on field training using our exclusive SIM-Teq FSS instrumentation to match DCGL performance criteria.
  • The insight of 25 years of RSCS experience performing FSSs.

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