TWR Source

The Two-Way Ranging (TWR) Source is a battery-operated portable device which provides an omni-directional simulated radiation energy field. Each source is identical and can be wirelessly configured via SCC software application to a desired dose rate at one foot – from 1.0 mR/hr to 99,000 R/hr. Training instruments respond to one or more sources following the 1/r2 principle. Range is approximately 100 feet.

Run Seamless Training Exercises:

  • Two Way Ranging technology continually measures distance from simulator instrument to adjust rate and dose automatically
  • Sources are small and easy to conceal
  • No complicated setup – place source, turn on and start exercise
  • Configure measured dose rate at 1 foot using SCC to change “activity”
  • Deploy multiple sources and train with multiple devices simultaneously
  • Swap between automatic response to TWR sources to manual control with SCC


  • Omnidirectional antenna simulates gamma sources
  • Paired instrument automatic detection
  • Configurable source strength at 1 foot: 1.0 mR/hr to 99,000 R/hr
  • ~100′ range of detection by paired instruments (Line of Sight)
  • Small and easily concealed
  • LED battery charge and power indication


  • Power – 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery with micro-USB recharging port
  • Battery Life – >8 Hours
  • Environmental – Drop and water resistant
  • Wireless Communication – IEEE 802.15.4, IEEE 802.15.4-2011
  • Dimensions –  73 x 117 x 22 cm (2.875 x 4.625 x 0.875 in.)

Additional Features:

  • Vary strength output during exercises using SCC
  • No instructor control required after kit creation and default strength level has been configured
  • Exercises can have one or more TWR Sources operating simultaneously