RSCS Water Tank Demolition Project


   RSCS has been setting up a demolition project at a southern US Nuclear Station. The subject of the project is to segment a 150,000-gallon contaminated water storage tank to support packaging for disposal. This tank has been situated outside of the site’s restricted area, where segmentation activities will be performed. RSCS will be providing comprehensive services with minimal reliance on the site’s infrastructure, while fully meeting the Site’s stringent controls. RSCS is responsible for leading the project and ensuring radioactive material controls for both workers and the environment are fully met. The comprehensive “layers” of controls being deployed include a large tent containment structure outfitted with HVAC and HEPA ventilation, contamination fixative, specialty cutting techniques, fencing, and a full RCA control point trailer. RSCS also provides all instrumentation, all consumables, and staffing including project management, radiation protection, health and safety, and the demolition crew. Demolition activities are planned to commence in mid-May and complete in June – before going too far into hurricane season. The Site’s confidence in RSCS to perform these activities outside of the boundaries of the site’s restricted area is notable. This project demonstrates the special and unique capabilities of RSCS by combining our operational talent, staffing, fixed and portable instrumentation capabilities, technical analysis, and our key specialty partners.