RSCS Elevates Standards with RSO Training in 2024

In 2024, Radiation Safety & Control Services (RSCS) will be offering the opportunity for professionals to enhance their skills with the continuation of their Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) training program. Renowned for its expertise in radiation safety, RSCS is set to provide a cutting-edge curriculum that encompasses crucial aspects of radiation management. With registrations now open, this program is tailored to equip participants with the requisite skills to excel in the role of a Radiation Safety Officer. RSCS’s commitment to fostering proficiency in radiation safety positions this training as a pivotal resource for individuals seeking to enhance their expertise in 2024 and beyond.

Course Content:

This comprehensive five-day course provides students with a balance of technical and theoretical information along with practical applications of radiation safety. Fundamental concepts are presented in a logical progression, providing a sound basis for understanding the day-to-day requirements of the Radiation Safety Officer. This training includes DOT requirements for transportation of radioactive material and satisfies the requirements of Subpart H. A DOT exam is included. After the course, a Course Completion Certificate is provided to document the successful completion of the course modules.  There are no prerequisites or prior experience necessary to enroll in this course. References from past students are available upon request.

Continuing education credits have been approved by the American Academy of Health Physics (32 Continuing Education Credits) and the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (40 hours of Category A Continuing Education Credits) for this five-day RSO course.

Course Outline

  • Math and Physics Review
  • Radiation and Radioactivity
  • Biological Effects
  • Radiological Hazards
  • Detection and Measurement
  • Operational Program
  • Regulatory Agencies
  • DOT Regulations

2024 Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) training courses will be held in April, June, and September 2024.